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Resources for navigating a world during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our Mission

To empower blind and low vision individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Actions

We do this by increasing awareness of accessible resources, strategies, and stories for blind and low vision Washingtonians.

Blind Covid Access line

Call 360-947-3330 if you are having issues locating accessible testing/vaccination sites to reach a live person during the day and voicemail for after hours.

News from the State!

State’s COVID emergency order ends next week

October 28, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic remains, but it’s no longer an emergency thanks to vaccinations, medical treatments, and the innumerable efforts of countless Washingtonians since the state had the nation’s first documented case in January 2020. As the governor announced last month, Monday will be the last day of the governor’s COVID emergency declaration.

Safety precautions in workplaces, healthcare facilities and certain congregate settings will continue. Local health jurisdictions may continue to have additional COVID requirements in place as well. Most state employees will continue to be subject to a vaccination requirement.

The secretary of the Department of Health’s masking order will continue to cover healthcare and long-term care facilities, as well as some correctional facilities in communities where community levels are high according to the CDC.

The Department of Labor & Industries also continues to require all employers to meet certain safety standards, as COVID remains a recognized workplace hazard. Requirements include keeping employees who have tested positive or are symptomatic away from the workplace for at least five days or providing PPE to those working with or near individuals with COVID; exposure notifications; anti-discrimination rules against high-risk workers seeking accommodations for COVID; and protecting the option to wear masks in the workplace.

The remaining proclamations to be rescinded Monday are 20-05.120-09.520-12.620-25.2020-43.1120-64.620-78.120-83.321-08.221-14.6, and 21-05.2.


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What is Blind COVID?

Blind COVID is a grant funded by the Washington State Department of Health that was given to the Washington State School for the Blind. The goal of this grant was to create and find accessible resources for people who are blind, specifically in Washington, but we hope we reach other individuals as well. These resources specifically deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.